Can You Call A Rose By Any Other? I Can, ESNAVI!!!!

By BridgetEE

Music History Lesson…Do you realize that back in the day that you heard a sound then you may have gotten a glimpse:  You heard it on the radio or your phonograph, 4 track,  reel to reel or 8 track:  You had no idea until they went gold that Tina Marie, Taylor Dane and Bobby Caldwell were caucasian:  You had no idea for real that Minnie Riperton was African American:

The Definition Of Music…


  1. The art or science of combining vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.
  2. The vocal or instrumental sound produced in this way.

You say what’s your point B?  Well my point is, when you go to a museum and look at a painting the artist is asking you to get his point visually, so when you encounter real musical artist they are asking you to get their point audibly.  Just like a painting, music was designed to be interpreted and indulged.  It’s created to make you have an emotion and a reaction.  Somewhere along the line somebody tried to sell us the idea that if it looks good, it sounds good.  If it can dance we don’t need to do anything but watch (that’s why when you go to the club these days you see a lot of people holding up the wall).  Somewhere along the line they said let me tell you this artist story instead of the artist telling you their story (some of yall missed that but OMG is it true).  Somewhere along the line artist stop making money and let money make them.  Yall missed it but that’s why India Arie had to make “I Am Not My Hair” not to prove to yall that she was really beautiful  but to let you all know that no matter what they trying to sell you on, at the end of the day beauty is only skin deep and most importantly you are what is within.  She knew she was beautiful she just wanted to check you on that fact.   Real beauty emanates out,  beauty doesn’t give you talent to put out art but what is within your heart is what will make you artistically great.  I love that we are getting back to the old skool days where these young people are starting get it.  They are writing and singing who they are and what they are feeling at the time.  It’s more important for you to feel them then for you to lace them up with the part-time life of the rich and famous.  They define themselves Eclectic, Soulful, Natural, Authentic, Vivacious, and Intriguing …how powerful is that.  The funny thing about that particular definition is that the moment I heard this one particular young lady I gave that definition before I even read hers. Now tell me that isn’t real art!!  I listened to her for over a month and never once wanted to know what she looked like, I wanted to hear more (musically).  I had an Unexpected Love for a new sound that was real old but now new.  You can’t call a rose by any other name just like you can’t call this artist anything other than E S N A V I,  a rose in a concrete world.   Please enjoy and listen responsibly….     

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