Who Would Have Dreamed “Etta James-Dreamer 2011”


By BridgetEE

Hello my fellow music brotheren!!  I’m sorry I had to take a short hiatus, time to think about why I started this blog.  I started this blog because I love music, I love to hear great voices and musicians.  I love to feel the love, pain and praise they pour out into their art.  I love all kinds of music and the passion of the art.  I like talking to artist not because they may or may not be famous, not for what they can or can not do for me image wise, I just like people.  Musical artist that are great tend to be deep, thought provoking and passionate people…hell just interesting.  The only way we learn is to watch and listen, expose our selves to something unknown and new.  I have been Blessed to meet some pretty awesome people that I have made friendships with, not because of who they are but because of what they are on the inside at the end of the day (mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, aunt and uncles just people).  I have a passion, I have likes and dislikes and I have an opinion!!!  I believe that it is ok to agree to disagree, I believe in sharing, caring and   uplifting, opposed to being a crab in a barrell when your only goal is to scratch, crawl….I think you feel me.  I want to share with others and encourage others to do the same thats what makes me feel good.  My Blog is called BridgetEBlogHouse because this a place I can call home and I can welcome others to come in without the restraints of the GRIND….I don’t allow gossip here because I am not young and restless and I don’t like the stress (Thanx MJB) and I don’t want NO DRAMA!!!  If you are a hater this not the blog for you, if you hate me guess what this my house and not yours and it’s ok to view somewhere else but don’t crab me because you are not happy with you #IJS.  Wow I feel Etta all in my spirit.  What kind of fire, passion, pain and determination do you have to have to say guess what you snubbed me at the the big party but my answer to that is after 50 years I gonna record The Dreamer and then shut down and retire, not because you ASSumed I was, but because thats how I’m tellin you it is now…That is what I said and WHAT I Mean…LOL!!  Without further diatribe bringing Old Skool to the New Skool with her new album release (thats right brand new) the legendary and incomparable Ms Etta James!!!!   And as always please listen responsibly…

These are the views, thoughts and words of BridgetEE’s and not to be mistaken for anyone elses


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