The Love Of “FALL”Is In The Air

This is my favorite time of year, FALL.  The time of year where weather and fashion embrace our comfort.  When you can put on a nice sweater and leather jacket with some matching boots, call up your soulmate and go for a romantic walk on a path that is laced by a colorful array of leaves that has been kissed by the tenderness of FALL.  Even the sensual aroma of FALL in the air embodies love, passion, romance and sex.  The trees of FALL act as our own personal larger than life Kaleidoscope to Amour. 

This handsome young man, (with the voice of a Greek God)  wrote, produced and SANG this song in his self built studio located in his bedroom closet and was able to capture all that is seductive about FALL.  Please listen as Tony B intoxicates you with his double shot of Romance 101 and as always please enjoy and listen responsibly!!


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