I Dunn Know…But Sometimes Hits Are Real Close To Home

By BridgetEE
I Dunn know but it was once said that when I think of home, I think of a resting place where there’s love overflowing.  Northeast Ohio is a breeding ground for award-winning artist, ie: Howard Hewett, James Ingram, Switch, the legendary O’Jay’s how about Gerald Levert and his stable of artists, the list can go on and on.  But sometimes living here in Northeast Ohio we get complacent with what we have right here in our own back yard, and, we wait until another place adopts our own, then we want to celebrate them…then we get mad when they don’t praise us.   Well because this is my house and I live here, I’m going to start here with the woman in the mirror. 

One day I was reading an article about new artists and music coming out, (thats because I’m a music junkie), when I happened upon this young man.  All I knew from the article was a name, the face (and yeah he was fine 😉 ) and title of the song which prompted me to do a little FB hustling, and guess what I found out? The brotha was from Cleveland, then upon further stalking, LOL, I finally found the song.  OMG I’m tellin you right now copy and paste me this brotha’s song is FIRE (and he’s fine too, dang did I say that again)… and I’m tellin you, give him his love now or you are going to be mad later.    I personally “Can’t Forget” Antoine Dunn and I think he wants the same from you…Pour your ears a glasses of this lyrical indulgence and remember…Listen Responsibly!!


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