My Life II Is Living Proof That Blessing Do Fall From High

I was always told nothing in life will come easy. I was also told life is what you make it and that when prayers goes up blessings come down and most importantly that God sits high and looks low. I also heard said that once you endure pain you will be a great writer. What does all this mean? It means life for the blessed is a struggle but guess what we all serve a God that sits high and looks low so that he can shower us with annoiting but it is up to us to live according to his plan that makes him great because we are only his shell. Still don’t get it? Mary J Blige went through all her struggles and came through the light as God’s vessell and ministering to us through her pain and glory? Still don’t get it, close your eyes and look high and listen, because Mary J Blige is the living proof…


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