To B Or Not To B…Or How About Something New TonyB

When I started this blog my intent was to include all music from people heard of and not so heard of, and to generate a diatribe for music lovers and expose our real opinions. Well I finally found a man that was willing to open himself up to scrutiny!!! Not only is this brotha fine but he young, like 18 years old young, fresh off his graduation from High School stage, hailing from Tennessee, and don’t let his small stature fool you he has the biggest voice that can stand toe to toe with anyone in the music game today. Oh and by the he has written and produced all his music right from his make shaft “bedroom closet” studio. Don’t believe me take a listen for yourself, R&B is coming back and young brotha is riding is on the wave…His name is simply TonyB and this is his joint ONE LOVE!!! ALSO I WANT TO HERE FROM THE REAL MUSIC LOVERS!!!


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