My, My, My Get On Your Red Dress Guess Who’s Back!!

That’s right sistas it’s been a long time coming but ladies this one is all about us!!! After 16 years of implementing lyrical celibacy on us, Mr Johnny rubb us the right way Gill has came back to allow us to relieve our pent up frustrations, Whew WEEEE!! Also let me not leave my strong brotha’s out…you needed Johnny to come back too, you fellas know you need help getting that MOOD RIGHT, don’t act like you don’t :). Without further ado ladies it’s time for us to put on our red dress and slip on our high heels and fellas while this is playing you should be telling us to “Get Undressed And Slip On this Robe”…ok ok I know I’m tripping a little bit but My MY My I’m sure glad he’s back…Johnny Gill from his new album STILL WINNING this is “In The Mood”…remember listen responsibly ;).


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