It Is Not Taboo To Love All Kinds Of Music

If you are a true music fan you know that music comes in all different forms, sounds and colors.  But really just like we shouldn’t slam music into labels in my opinion, we also shouldn’t slam the same sounds in which we listen in our ears.  Music was meant to paint a picture and express a feeling of the artist and we were created to embrace that terminology whether it be loving, sad or just to make your soul shift in jubilation and put you in another place.  When creating my blog I wanted to bring forth the norm for us as well as what is not norm, broaden our realm so to speak, review and preview all that is transending.  Don Omar is a fine, talented as well as intellegent.  He has mastered the whole self promotion through social media thing, so he can hang his Lyrical Master Piece on your cranium wall.  Check out something that is borrowed, something blue , something true and in my opinion never TABOO…Get your Raggaeton on!!  BOOM!!!



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