“Hamilton” Is Sitting In The “Park” Waiting For You!!

Hip Hop Hurrayyy!!! Yes, Yes, Yes, who said R&B was dead. Who said that these young people couldn’t really SANG!!! Oh yeah moving forward we are finally getting back to music that we will be able to grow too and not afraid to share with our grandchildren. Side Bar (Tell the truth how funny will we look on the front porch rocking in our glider, sipping lemonade and bobbing our heads to Tupac….LOL…love his stuff, but that visually is hillarious!!). We are now seeing an emergence of music that you can dance, procreate and reminisce too. Music that the audio is so great that who gives a damn about the visual. Sounds that resonates the beauty in which only God has Blessed some to have, and has Blessed us all to hear. These young brotha’s are being compared to a young JODECI and that may or may not be so, but all I know is when I listened to one of their cuts with my gurls pandamonium broke out like we were at a concert and they wanted me to play it over and over again. Hell, I couldn’t wait to write this blog. If you are a true lover of artistic melodic sound then you will love these brotha’s calling themselves Hamilton Park, but hey don’t take my word for it listen for yourself… www.hamiltonparkmusic.com


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