Watch Out Rocket Man, Ceelo Is The New Cosmonaut In Town


I watched Ceelo Green during the Grammys and two people popped in my head, because of his loud funky blue, chicken feather costume one was George Clinton.  But as I continued to watch and listen to this brotha put on a phenomenal show {meaning he gave you an audio and visual Picasso}, Elton John came to mind.  Say what you want about Elton John when it came to musical artistry he was one of the greatest, Sir Elton John colaborated with many greats and while you playing even hip hop legends making him a musical time machine that can travel back and forth.  Now here in the new millenium Ceelo Green is the man of the time with a rich unique voices, a flamboyant in your face unforgetable stage presence and Ceelo says he travels three deep :).  Now check out what happens when you team him up with a lady that is taken music lovers by storm.  She is truly a real musician with an old school soul and voice that is putting alot of imitators to shame.  For all intense and purposes I’m gonna call her our Carley Simon of the new millenium or how bout Olivia Newton John…it really doesn’t matter because Melonie Fiona is bringing that old school R n B vibe back.   Ceelo and Melanie will not be a Fool For You…check it out then let me know what you think


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