Anthony Davids Artistry Is What God Said

We are often viewed as a society that only wants to watch the news for that tragic train wreck or bobb our heads to music that is calling us the “N” word, bitches, sluts or whores. I once had conversation with a DJ at a club and asked why does the crowd react the way they do to certain derogatory songs and his reply to me was “People want to hear music that cusses them out.” I asked the same question to a popular rapper and his response to me was “That if I rapped about what I really felt and how I really am nobody would buy it.” So today I come across a song that told the story of the times we are living in and artistically condensed a message that we all need to embrace and make our KNOWA and guess what?…We still can bobb our heads to it. Kudos to Anthony David for not being a afraid to bring it to you just as GOD SAID!! This is truely powerful…


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