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Melanie Fiona Is Back Riding A Bullet


wpid-wp-1431546807568.jpegBy BridgetEE

It’s getting hot in the Blog House now.   Caribbean Rasta man funk, while we sway on top of the rock ♫.  I feel that sea breeze as I watch the tiki  flame do the dance of a thousand colors ♫ Sweat drip, hair flip, Ting sip, that’s the flow right now.  I feel the bang on my copper drum releasing the lead from my soul. (more…)

Maysa Knows How To Keep It Movin And Is Back 2 Love With Stokely


wpid-wp-1431025127443.jpegBy BridgetEE

2015 is the year where we are going to get back 2 some things.  There is an emergence of music right now from people that have sown into their gift.  They have educated themselves in their craft.  Typically unsung for their artistry.  The more classic the lyrical Picasso the harder the ex post facto, as it pertains to the monetary.  But real artists Keep It Movin’.  When prayers go up blessings do come down and when one is carrying on the blessing, one will always be provided for, but they must Keep It Movin.  You see being sung gives you 9 times out of 10 temporary value, unsung makes you invaluable.   Just as long as you Keep It Movin.  If you turn your back to the trend the product is so much greater.   Trend is, trust me, temporary and valueless but when you get Back2 Love it is priceless.  Collaborating the fact, is others will jump on track to help Keep It Movin. (more…)

Lauryn Hill: Births Talent


wpid-screenshot_2015-05-04-19-33-21-1.pngBy BridgetEE

A ripple in time.  There was a time when music was judged for what it was and not for what was seen or yet to be unseen.  A time when it was not necessary to have a great presentational story, but great bars of a story.  Melodic circumference is what makes music’s time  machine work, not plastic gel filled Peter Pan, Fountain of Youth wells, that tend to dry up after a year.  A time when you could never dry up music’s worth with green gold digging schemes.  Music, the passion the dream, came way before C.R.E.A.M.  You can sell your soul today for a busted vocal chord tomorrow, but can you create better yet procreate the sounds of Zion.  Have you ever lived for what has been bestowed upon you?  What about walked away from the cheers  because the noise was nothing but a distraction?  Can you honestly say that you would honestly be free then let the beast control your destiny?  Is what your doing in life priceless or did you let the price tag slice it? (more…)

Tyrese It’s A SHAME



This summer R&B is bringing the HEAT!!  I feel a shift in the matrix, I see musical wrongs being made right I hear real instruments. YESSS!! :)

I always felt it was a shame that we are limited to what we are exposed to musically.  I feel that band class enrollment in schools are low because who needs to teach Beat Machine.  I feel that money is stifling creativity therefore giving birth to musical mediocrity.  But ladies and gentleman there is hope on the horizon and I am not  a”Shame”d to tell it. (more…)

Legend: The Documentary The Weeknd Earned It

By BridgetEE

This past weekend I made it my mission to explore The Weeknd, and although he is a new school artist he has an old school work ethic, with incredible creativity and self motivation.

Which led me to this thought:  What are the makings of a legend?  The dictionary defines legend as

a nonhistorical or unverifiable story handed down by tradition from earlier times and popularly accepted as historical.

So with that being said lets explore the growing legend of Abel Tesfaye “The Weeknd”. (more…)

Blurred Lines: Fashion Always Repeats Itself…& So Does Music


There’s an old saying ”fashion always repeats itself.” How many of us live by that saying? We won’t throw away those Cross Colour Jeans, because they’re coming back. The same bell bottoms and turtlenecks from the 1970s are casual wear in 2015. Let’s not forget that navy blue peacoat from the US Navy. Unless you walk around in couture outfits all day, everyday, your swag was rocked back in the day. But just like the art of fashion repeats itself, so does the art of music.
Recently, we’ve heard a lot about music sampling and infringement. The most recent case: The Gaye family vs. Pharrell and Robin Thicke. At some point in the case, the Gaye family’s lawyer asked Pharrell Williams whether “Blurred Lines” captured the feel of the era in which Marvin Gaye recorded it and Pharrell’s response was “the feel, not infringement.” Read More

The Weeknd Shuts Down Coachella (VIDEO)

By BridgetEE

The epitome of creativity and Coachella legend- 25 year old -Abel Tesfaye “The Weeknd” , showed up and shut down this years 2015 Coachella. (more…)