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Wu-Tang Is A Million Dollar Art Form


WuTang By BridgetEE

The basis of this blog is to preview and review music in its subjective not objective manner.  To look at the artist for what they are ARTIST and their music for it is ART.  It used to be their art gallery was a neighbor hood record store and their social media platform was a radio station.  Now in the new millenium we have ITunes and Amazon as their gallery and Facebook and Twitter in conjunction with radio as their social media.  Web sites and Blogs are the artist promotions department to go and listen to their masterpieces.  Instead of hard copy beautiful albums and their covers we now have some CD’s, mostly MP3 downloads to collect and there is always a debate over the value of the piece.  The new millenium has brought forth mass production collections opposed to urban legend timeless trends.  The right now has almost tried to replace the history form.  Cult like followings are now just a fan base.  Our musical living legends are now in functional few, but in the world of Hip Hop there is one that is still standing and commanding The Wu-Tang Clan along with their followers Wu-Heads.   What makes Wu-Tang so great is them and their art form is like no other and it has mass appeal you see a Wu-Head is ageless, sexless as well as colorless.  Their style visually is basic but audibly it is masterful timeless making them legendary.  Not many Hip Hop fans or artists will disagree with me when I say one of the greats albums produced to the world was the “Enter The Wu-Tang (36Chambers)” album, a masterpiece in its self.  But I’m not telling you nothing new, and most know all of this already.  But what I’m about to say is new and it will go down in history as being a first and quite possibly an only and last.  If you want to go see any piece of great art not the stuff you see floating around here that you can touch or whip out the debit card and buy, I’m not even talking about that investment art that might be the price of a new car.  I’m talking about great art and artist like van Gogh, Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci artist whose art is displayed under security booby traps that you have never even imagined people paying to be in the same building and room with, but you better not think of taking a picture or touching and let me just say the original purchase would mean that you are beyond rich you are what they call wealthy.  Their greatness is displayed in places like the Smithsonian in DC or Le Louvre in Paris.  I’m talking about paintings and sculptures, so if music is a form of Art and Wu-Tang is the artist why shouldn’t they be displayed and be a growing investment for the wealthy as well.   With that being said Wu-Tang Clan has created a masterpiece that is encased in a handcrafted silver and nickel incrusted box, while being stored in a vault somewhere near the mountains in Morocco, and if you want to purchase this Wu-vestment titled “The Wu-Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” you will have to be of wealth and able to fork over more than Million Dollars (according to an article in Forbes). (more…)

It’s Dunn And It’s Over

Antoine L Dunn

Antoine L DunnBy BridgetEE

How many ways do I love you.  How do I love you, let me count the ways.  A penny for your thought a nickel for a kiss a dime if you tell me that you love me.  Old School “you have got to come to me cause I been chasing you, showing how much I care” or New School “OHHHH BaBBY, you and I together for always”…Ladies respond ♫I’m giving up this life for you♫ OMG I love Avant…wooops side track, back spin okay back on track now…well there are millions of songs to express how much you love them but what about when you want to unlove them? (more…)

Tank Told Me “You’re My Star”


PicsArt_1394824249717By BridgetEE

I have a serious hair growing across my butt today, for many reasons, but for the sake of this article I will stick to the Do-Grow of this particular hair.  I can’t figure out in music why with all the talent out there we can’t spread the status a little better, I said status because I won’t even get into the business end.  As it pertains to R&B and NEO Soul that exposure, status thing is such a hard nut to crack, case in point there are some artist that can record Mary Had A Lil Lamb while banging on a trash can for a drum and because of their status we get inundated with their “stuff” I’ll just say.  OK people, see we miss out on the quoate, unquoate too fat for famers because some say “oh the people don’t want to look at them their too big” or hey lets not forget the for whoever the judgers are the might not be fly enough for famers.  Listen the only reason we know what auto-tune’s about is because so many young artists use it (can’t sing great but look good).  What happened to the day when you had to just stand flat-footed and sing, hell I think I would rather see a generic CD cover of the sun, moon or rain (if the thought is they are not appealing,) if I’m listening to an artist who’s melodies would make my soul shake then to listen to this fly guy/gurl, that makes me want to hit skip then endure it ♫ :( ♫.  That’s one hair.  Then you have the artists that just sing for the sake of this article we will call them “The Momma I Want To Singers”.  They can blow but that’s about it, if no one ever writes them a hit they are stuck on sit.  “The Momma I Want To Singers” usually are one hit wonders because they are sooo one-dimensional and because of this they find themselves in hock trying to come up and end up  in worse shape then they were when they got started working on their passion.   Which brings me to the full package artists, (more…)

Kindred Souls Are Bound Forever

k f s

k f sLove, Life and Rhythm components that all lives, relationships should have but for  most one cog is missing, in others these things are only imagined and probably none of the three exist.  In reality most of us will never really have a soul mate much less a kindred spirit soul mate.  Sounds negative right?  Well maybe, but it is still true all the same, because you see most of us interject our own personal messed up vision of love into what should maybe be a spiritual coronation.   Anything that is truly Heaven sent has to be what?  Yes,  sent by God.  The one thing that makes us all sinners is the fact that we were given free will thinking and another fact is that all of us really struggle to let go and let God, because well, we sometimes believe that God gave us the will of free thinking, the mind or thought, to do some of the umm hindering decisions that we make in our love, life, management  and rearing, that we encounter and guess what breed. We have ambushed ourselves into thinking that we have built great things when in fact we haven’t created nothing, not even the seven wonders of the world were built, created nor thought of by one man alone because their is only one creator.  In stead of walking in destiny because it may not look, taste or feel good, we waddle in the pompous inequities of selfism.  We feel that we are God because its written that we were created in his image, instead of being the vessel he intended us to be.  We don’t understand that when Love is given, our Life will acquire Rhythm.  When you accept what is intended, instead of excepting (I do realize how I wrote this part)  what you want you will ascertain serenity.  Calamity is the name that we should give most of our relationships.  Did we ever think that maybe they cheat because they are not our soul mate?  Did you ever think that they constantly tear us down and don’t get or understand our love because it is not the love that was intended for us.  You should never hope and pray for someone elses blessings because it was not intended for you, and you are not equipt to handle such blessing (“Be cafeful what you Pray for”).  (more…)

The More Time Changes The More GoGo Sounds The Same “HAPPY”



By BridgetEE

Birth, Inception, Infusion, Transfusion, Implant, Transplant, Life, Eternal, Internal, Stem Cell, Universe…

All these words describe the art of music and how it will always transition in time, the mother or father of the musical embryo may change but it will always stay forever new.  Back in the day my parents inundated me with the Motown sound. my mother owned everything the Supremes had on wax (for you youngsters wax is an album, ummm well an album kind of looked like a CD but was much bigger with groves in it ahhh never mind moving forward).  Shouts out to the Edison’s of Detroit, MI were I spent  many family gathering with at Belle Isle, as a matter of fact I almost drowned in the water at Belle Isle,  but.  The reason I bring that place up, back in the day that was the place to be and I used to love going there because the sounds of great music would be booming from all over the place I really think that Belle Isle was the original release party spot for all music especially Motown music, I brought up me almost drowning in water because when in Belle Isle everybody was going to drown in music. It was a time when life was about the love of life and the dawn of booming possibilities.  Although there were still remnants of the riots Detroits Belle Isle then was a place of peace, joy and togetherness.  A place where you could have the serenity to dream.  I knew what GoGo music was at 3 years old;  “going to a go go, na na na naaa,going to a go go”  by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles still resonates in my head to this day  (and yes Smokey has been fine throughout the test of time).   For as long as I can remember and for whatever reason when I hear a song it always sticks in m head, I can go years without hearing it and then something will spark my forever head tape recorder.  The only reason I remember dates of events are because my brain has attached it to what was on the radio that day at that particular time of event.  My flash backs in my head are large music videos, what ever I’m feeling on any given day my brain plays music according to my mood at that moment. Sidebar you do know why that saying says any GIVEN DAY don’t you?  Sorry back to story…When I write I typically listen to what I’m writing about over and over again until I’m finished.  I dream to music, ride to music and well you know etc… ;) I even quote in music, for example  Earth Wind and Fire has a song titled “I’ll Write A Song For You”  sample of the lyrics are:

 “Love is a symphony, hearts in one melody
‘Cause I’ll write a song for you
Sounds never dissipate, they only recreate
In another place
There’s in your silent night, joy of a song’s delight

‘Cause I’ll write a song for you
You’ll write a song for me
We’ll write a song of love, of love

My magical mystique, finding it all complete
In your lovely face
Feelings we try to chase, memories that won’t erase
Stay forever new


Kelly Price Flips The Script It’s My Time



By BridgetEE

I’m not a huge fan of reality TV (not that I watch much television ,Scandal does rule my world!!!  Shout out to Shonda Rhimes!!!  LOL), but I do from time to time dip in on it.  When I heard that Diva’s show was coming out with a new series LA Divas, Divas of LA whatever it was called, my only interest was that my girl Kelly Price, Mi’chelle and Chante gotta man at home Moore was on it (I’m a music person duhhhh J).  So dummy me thinking I was going to be shouting in front of the TV listening to all that great harnessed God given talent (I’m lying I watch TV on my Samsung Galaxy Tablet), but  instead end up screaming at it like OMG just why  can’t  this be about  something,  wellll something different !!!!   Give me a break!!!!  DAMNNNNN!!!!   I HATE drama, the only drama I like is “No More Drama” by Mary J Blige as a matter of fact these shows make me dislike us as women in general just from some of the BS we engulf ourselves in a lot of times, we are such multifaceted creatures at a times my beautiful sistas we can be too much, sorry that’s just how I feel sometimes case in point… (more…)

Old School Hip Hop Garners Negative Condemnation


Old School Hip Hop Garners Negative Condemnation

By BridgetEE

RAP LEGENDS 'UTFO'Have you ever had a conversation with someone about a statement they made and you didn’t agree with it, but then after listening to their explanation on what they said you say “OH yeah I get it, you got a point.”  Then after you do some research you say “ummmmm well??”

First and foremost let me start off by saying I’m a fan of music in itself, meaning all kinds in many different formats and genres.  I’m that chick that is not satisfied with just listening to it I have to know everything about it, including why, who and when.  I am also not a fan of slamming music into boxes, for intense reason I believe that labeling some music such as neo soul is extremely detrimental to artists and music as to how it is distributed and marketed and I am a firm believer that because of that term we the fan miss out on a lot of great artists and music, with me being in the music cypher I catch a lot of stuff (hence me creating my own personal blog) where many people don’t get a chance to experience their artistry (just my opinion and yes I know opinions are like….but it’s my blog).  Sooo with all that being said….I was surfing Instagram so I hello I’m BridgetEE… never mind a terrible attempt to make a someone else’s rap my own, anyway I ran across a post from an artist and it said and I quote If you love True School Hip-Hop and call me “OLD SCHOOL”, you are hurting an era of music you love. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t spend good money on an OLD car, but you would certainly purchase a CLASSIC vehicle. Rock, Jazz, Country and Rock fans refer to their past artists as “Classics”. This maintains their value and allows them to continue making a living doing what they love and what you enjoy. Unfortunately, we cannot collectively grow if we don’t collectively change. STOP referring to us as “OLD” and start referring to us as “CLASSIC”.  End quote.  So I called up the author of this post, and as always was given a very educated and clear cut answer as to why this statement is so and why it is such a condemning  term (“condemning  term” was my word to define this not his).  According to this artist he says that word Old School hurts them as artists moving forward in their future endeavors pertaining to their artistry (I’m paraphrasing of course).  He said the term makes them out to be senior citizens so to speak, he said you don’t refer to The Rolling Stones as old school etc etc you get my drift.  My reply was I thought it was like a term of endearment, his response was, so is the “N” word if we use it but not if someone else does.   Touché.  So I thought the conversation was extremely intriguing and was worthy of more than just our opinion, with that being said I decided to do a little research on set topic and this is what I turned up. Click to Continue