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Blurred Lines: Fashion Always Repeats Itself…& So Does Music


There’s an old saying ”fashion always repeats itself.” How many of us live by that saying? We won’t throw away those Cross Colour Jeans, because they’re coming back. The same bell bottoms and turtlenecks from the 1970s are casual wear in 2015. Let’s not forget that navy blue peacoat from the US Navy. Unless you walk around in couture outfits all day, everyday, your swag was rocked back in the day. But just like the art of fashion repeats itself, so does the art of music.
Recently, we’ve heard a lot about music sampling and infringement. The most recent case: The Gaye family vs. Pharrell and Robin Thicke. At some point in the case, the Gaye family’s lawyer asked Pharrell Williams whether “Blurred Lines” captured the feel of the era in which Marvin Gaye recorded it and Pharrell’s response was “the feel, not infringement.” Read More

The Weeknd Shuts Down Coachella (VIDEO)


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By BridgetEE

The epitome of creativity and Coachella legend- 25 year old -Abel Tesfaye “The Weeknd” , showed up and shut down this years 2015 Coachella. (more…)

Loves Amusement Park Is Open And Vivian Green Is Back


wpid-wp-1428369860199.jpegBy BridgetEE

Where are all my line dancers at??  Once upon not long ago, well, depending on how old you are, before televisions invaded homes, your entertainment was radio.  That’s right, people sat around a radio and listened not just to music, but shows/programs.  They actually had voice actors/artists speaking lines, painting a picture if you will, with sound, and you the audience had to use your hearing to supply interpretation to your imagination.  So today I want to go back in time to a place where story telling was extremely important.  Slide down your cranial projection screen and take note that Loves Amusement Park is now open starring: every woman that is or has been in love professional expressionist, as well as comforter, the beautiful and amazing talented (singer/song writer/dancer/actress) Vivian Green♪ ♪ ♫ (more…)

Eric Nolan Reminded Me I Missed Him


wpid-wp-1427937750035.jpegBy BridgetEE

♫ Back in the days when I was young I’m not a kid anymore
But some days I sit and wish I was a kid again ♫  You say huh♪  Watch this♪  Back in the day you had honor amongst thieves.  Back in the day you had respect for things and sounds.  Back in the day it was cool to grow your own. Back in the day you supported your own.  Back in the day there were boundaries that were made to be pushed but not destroyed.  Back in the day public opinion mattered, now days the public is represented by a select few.  They say R&B is dead, I say no it’s trying to be killed, and that’s why I’m here.  To keep talking about IT and supporting IT.  The wonderful thing about music is the notes and the bars  are bounded by the score, but the live artists, composers, producers, musicians and arrangers combined give it life, legs to stand on.  Music is like people, it wasn’t created to sound one way.  Although songs about the TRAP are cool, tell me is that something your gonna make love to.  I think it’s wonderful that we can bring to life our TRAP Queens and Truffle Butter, but what about our mothers that are simply just QUEENS?  I miss not being embarrassed by the meaning and really do we have to glorify a beating.  I miss not worrying about somebody calling me a “Ninja” in jest, all because WE crossed over the mess.  I miss that we had choices, diversity, camaraderie, oohh I feel something coming over me right now ♫ ♪ ♫ instead of stupid “A” competitions and dirty tea fests.  I miss that it was cool to have the Motown/Philly  sound, great was just embraced.  Did you know that Berry Gordy did not make a decision on what was a hit entirely on his own?  Did you know that some of the greatest music to stroke this planet was put together in a house that two people wouldn’t have room to live in today, without a bunch of computer contraptions to make it pop.  I miss that people loved because music produced an experience.  Back in the day it wasn’t hard for you to learn the words to a song because you felt it, now days you just feel the beat and half the time don’t have a clue as to what is being said.  Albums might have had six cuts on them now they have sixteen (1 hit, the rest ___ you fill in the blank).  A friend tells me all the time when you by cheap you get cheated.  You want to know what the hell is wrong with me tonight?  Well I sat and listened to Eric Nolan tonight and he reminded me that something … (more…)

I Thought About It Esnavi…Think About It?

Mojo Visual
Mojo Visual

“Think About It” Album Cover Design By Mojo Visual

By BridgetEE

I was thinking incense, large yellow flowers and a bright sun.. I was thinking a beat is chasing me and I don’t have no where to run.  But do I want to??  I’m thinking basement house partys, black lights, fist pump peace symbol furry posters and love.  I’m thinking bell-bottoms, afro’s, large cuffs and mini skirts.  I’m thinking of the crossover when the Go Go’s were delivered from the Juke Joint.  I’m thinking police moving aside and the orange divide barricade being moved at the dance hall.  I’m thinking, did you know our musical family tree started with the Blue’s.  My youngins, I was thinking that, if not for, there would be no, Kendrick Lamar .  I was thinking umm umm um FUNK ♫  In order to get to your future you can’t forget your past.  Time always repeats itself.  Great things live forever.  Sounds resonate and recreates in another space and time.  Is R&B dead in our black communities.  NOT.  (more…)

Jordyn Moses Won’t Be Alone Long


wpid-wp-1427330473102.jpegBy BridgetEE

How about some Hip Hop today!!  What if we could back spin time and mix it with the now.  Take a ride on the dark side while I reminise about the Pharcyde.  Let your mind be your Numark and your soul be your Serato.  Ok we swinging now.  Now Pull up that “Passin Me By”.  You still bouncin?  Ok Ok here go, cue up that legend of story telling Rick The Ruler “Slick Rick” “Bed Time Story” but we gotta slow it down.   We still bounciu?  Here we go the two just produced the future from embriotic art of the past (ITS MY BLOG, I CAN MAKE UP WORDS) ♫  We still bouncin?  Well here is why.. (more…)

The Reinvention Of Boney James Either Way


wpid-screenshot_2015-03-22-15-18-17-1.pngBy BridgetEE

What do you see?  What do you feel?  I hear a sound that induces passion.  Warmth beneath my feet, I feel a maraca slowly shimmering down my spine as I sit perched high on a bright orange sunset with a backdrop blue sky.  Boom boom clack ♪ ♫ I smell the essence of obsession that causes paralyzing funk, while the sultry brass massages my spine and a vibrant KORG strokes my mind.  Boom boom clack ♪ ♫ the gentle breeze of the high hat while seduction flows across the trees.  Boom boom clack ♪ ♫ do you feel me?   Boom boom clack ♪♫ come flow with me… (more…)