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Tyrese and That Girl V: The BET Road Map

Veronika Bozeman "V"

Veronika Bozeman “V”

By BridgetEE

I love my tea in the sun, never the shade, so for those inquiring minds that want to know , here is the road map to the BET awards show :) .

This past weekend BET did a phenomenal job with their awards show.  But interesting to me, something that I have been trying to put you up on for years, was subliminally brought to light.  R&B is on a serious comeback with new cast and characters just patiently waiting for their light.  So lets start with the beautiful young lady that Tyrese was not “Shame On Him” to have on his arm. Her name Queen Veronika Bozeman, better known on social media as That Girl V and Lucious Lyons of Empire simply calls her Veronika (he referred to her cousin on the other hand as something else ;) ). (more…)

Jackn For Beats National Competition: Chance With DJ Khaled


wpid-j4b-khaled.jpg.jpegBy BridgetEE

I have young brothas all the time asking me “how can I get on”, well now here is you chance.

Jack’N for Beats is coming to Cleveland, July 9, 2015 and other cities (see flyer), in search of a new winner for its national competition. The contest is hosted online at, where consumers (21+) can view the official rules, tour schedule and submit a video entry.

What’s in for you, well how about $10,000 and a studio session with DJ Khaled!!  Don’t know who that is?  Then you definitely don’t belong there :) !!!  But for those of you that are serious about your grind,  you need to find time to flow for someone other than your block and Youtube!!

I’m about to find out who is real, Memorex or just a Social Media pest :)  Hit that link and show me what you workin with.  See you there!!! (more…)

Have You Met Your Mr. Wonderful?


wpid-wp-1435609735500.jpegBy BridgetEE

Heartbreak suggests, an act of a soul that needs repair, healing so to speak.  Heartbreak implies there is a search ahead, as well as, a need to rehash.  Heartbreak speaks of a rope attached to a dope extending to hope.  Heartbreak requires a truth to our hurting lying conclusion.  Heartbreak requires an understanding that you haven’t found an owner, that doesn’t require a warranty or guaranty.  Heartbreaks alter ego, “Mr. Wonderful”. (more…)

Kiana Dancies The Hustle Through Giggles


wpid-wp-1434809706558.jpegBy BridgetEE

They say the things that make you laugh will make you cry, well how about we flip that today, the things that make us cry will make us laugh.

We live in a world today were it seems laughter is far and few in between.  Although times, mathematical and presentation-ally, have changed, our roots seem the same.  Segregation as well as degradation  have been made prevalent because we have been accidentally given tools to bring these things to light.  The world is our personal struggle jungle.  No blessing comes without you being the bless or.

We are inundated with so many negative things in our struggles that we often forget the necessity to purge with hilarity.  I believe that just like we raise our hand in praise, we should also indulge in times in another creation, laughter. We are multi dimensional people who are armed with many tools that were by design for a reason. It would be impossible to live your life sane, without using all that we are given. I also believe that fate and faith work hand in hand. We control none of these but will walk according to.

By fate I met this young lady and by faith is why I chose to write this. I was given a message to introduce myself to one Kiana Dancie a comedian. Although I typically write about music, upon meeting her I received a feel to harmoniously talk about her. Humble, gracious, innovative, creative, a strong sense of self-worth. A women who sells herself, intelligent.  A women that isn’t hanging on excuses only on choices. Relevant beyond and funny as hell. (more…)

Special: Impacting Avant Souls


wpid-wp-1434031191305.jpegBy BridgetEE

Smooth, cunning, impactful. A song that thrust at your heart and soul, a feel, a longing. Great songs are identified most times the very first time you hear them. They are Special words from a Special soul escorted by a Special symphony. Great songs are patiently marinated by a special creator. Culturally or stylistically…before, prior to…pushes boundaries, you can’t fake a feel.  The very first time I heard this song the melody and the words stuck in my head instantly.  We could get married but the truth is married to what?  Will it remain Special?  Will we still see the beauty in it that we did when we first encountered it?  Are they just words?  Is it just a melody?  What will make it stay?  Great projects take time.  The difference between a $100 pair of jeans and a $10 pair is that the craftsmanship in the $100 dollar pair was made with quality materials, meticulously put together, therefore making it a quality product that will endure time.  The $10 pair, well, what goes through the wash will probably unravel in the rinse and implode in the dryer.  Just because you haven’t heard from someone in a while does not necessarily mean they are stuck in a holding pattern, it may just simply mean they are preparing for a perfect decent.  Sometimes I believe artist put together not well received projects because they have sold out to the idea of giving you a product opposed to a passion.  But today I challenge you to set aside the presented fools gold in place of platinum possibilities. (more…)

Lauryn Hill and Jazmine Sullivan Celebrate The Legendary Nina Simone


wpid-wp-1433255867835.jpegBy BridgetEE

The way artistry is supposed to be.  Great musicians not only are graced by above but they also actively study their craft/talent.  They surround themselves with people that are like themselves.  They are historians of music, therefore preparing themselves for books of the future.  You can’t successfully get to your future if you forget your past.   When I close my eyes and think of our legends of the future, a person that will be documented, the first women that comes to mind is Nina Simone.  The things that people are made of in their entirety is what makes them so great musically.  Music is a vessel for the artist, to their inner being, a reflection of how they see life.  If music was always pretty metaphorically we would not have a connection spiritually. (more…)

Your Gonna Love Antoine Dunn: New Music


wpid-wp-1433176443864.jpegBy BridgetEE

One of the hardest things in the world to do is to walk by faith.  When a passion has been inbred in you to walk a journey and your not quite sure how too or if you will survive is a hard burden to tow.  When you could probably do it the easy way your drive tells you to do it the right way.  For the love of?  Greatness takes time, although your passions run high, perfection is the staying power of all time.  For the promise of?  Will you stay true to what you do or give out a product that is not a reflection of you?  For the love of?  Faith is a funny thing, your path and your only stop sign is to not do YOUR math.  For the promise of?  A journey worth traveled comes with hardened feet from a bumpy road of the less traveled.  For the love of?  The love of sound comes from the heart, not Googled psycho babbled to the tune of a computerized harp.  For the love of? (more…)