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Reality Is Jazmine Sullivan Is A Masterpiece


wpid-wp-1422458725054.jpegBy BridgetEE

When Leonardo Da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, I wonder did he know that she would be the most famous paintings in the world?  The most written and sang about?  I wonder did he know that she would be the most visited and known?  I wonder why?  I wonder, although I live in the Reality Show era, is it because of the mystery?  Is it because we don’t know what lies behind the smile or the mystery of why her and her plain beauty?  Is it that we are so nosey that we keep seeking the answers to so many mysteries of this painting or could it be that we are really drawn to the greatness and Masterpiece of it. (more…)

Introducing The Khan Empire, I Give You Indira Khan


wpid-wp-1421872378855.jpegBy BridgetEE

Once upon a time in the land of music, long before the beast Auto-Tune and freaky mic contraptions ruled the world, there was a beautiful blossom called a real voice.

I Wanna Dance With Somebody!! Whitney Houston

Classic Whitney

Classic WhitneyBy BridgetEE

Hello all first and foremost I want to apologize for my absence in my blog.  Secondly although I will maintain a positive flow on my blog as far as music goes.  I am positive of my knowledge of what greatness is, and this year I will be the slayer to all that try to throw shade on what is great and or positive.  I have been trying my best not to touch this subject but ummmmm nah… So lets get started… :)

I Wanna Dance With Somebody, let me start with Angela Basset. (more…)

Tene Williams Featuring Howard Hewett My Akron Family Reunion!!


wpid-wp-1414595310850.jpegBy BridgetEE

Let me say it up front my home town family will always get shown love in BridgetEE’s Blog House…Thats right!!!  Here in B’s House my Casa is my hometowns Casa ;) (more…)

Noir Queen “V” Is Epic


wpid-wp-1413937105001.jpegBy BridgetEE

No matter how hard the root of all evil tries when one is of a higher Archy and deemed royalty by whom is the keeper of all that is good and real no power shall take over nor hold down.  When a voice so golden, pure and full of range is donned by the blessing of the past, mutes can only pray, but the break down of  their ignorance will sway because operatic forces sway.  When a God is inserted into a Queendom that continues to believe and fight an Epic explosion will give to the Noir of the plight.  Although I have not had the pleasure, I have had the vision and hope that one great new musical power would be unbounded and set free for all to recognize and see.  Not for the politics that blows but for talent that glows♪    I have said time and time again my dreams for my blog was to highlight  what is being kept under dim light, with that being said ♫ ♫ (more…)

Is It Art Or Sexism Or Are We Just Sensitive


Black_Panties_(standard)wpid-wp-1413470864100.jpegBy BridgetEE

I read an article written by an ex NBA player and father of two talking about R Kelly’s new album cover “Black Panties.”  In the article titled  More Fans Should Be Outraged by R. Kelly’s New Album , (please click to read the article from here we are going to paraphrase, break it down and induce thought bloghouse style) the authors opinion was that he finds and you should find  Kells ratchet depiction is not art especially given his track record and if you pay close attention to the lyrics of his songs they back up what the author feels meaning Kelly’s distorted degradation of women.  His theory is because of a multitude of reasons the set album cover is way out of line and offensive and  initially upon reading agreed with it whole heatedly.  I was ready to lead the march on the removal and tar/feathering of the album cover, I wanted to know what kind of sista would allow a man accused of ♫ I don’t see nothing wrong with a little girl that’s nine ♫ to take a bass bow to her ass. (more…)

Is Musiq Soul Childs Husel A Window Seat Momment Or The Greatest?


wpid-screenshot_2014-10-13-23-08-36-1.pngBy BridgetEE

If you go to an art museum the idea is to look at a painting or sculpture and ascertain what message or emotion an artist was trying to express, and all artist do this, it’s what makes them great especially if you the connoisseur gets it.  It’s that special gift that makes one purchase, appreciate and share their find with others or what makes for great conversation.  It’s that it  makes something be talked about for decades to come to be passed down from generation to generation.  Then there is that piece of art that is used to light up a room for a time, it may or may not be around for years to come not as much soul, time and effort was put into it and it may or may not be a topic of conversation but a compliment to a room in your domicile that others will look at and say “that’s hot, were can I get that”?  Over time it may fade and then you go out and get another piece based on the presentation but not necessarily the content.  Does that mean it is any less great?  Does that mean it is any less worthy?  No, it’s  just is what it is, a picture.

I heard an interview with Musiq Soul Child the other day and it prompted me to listen to other interviews and press clippings, Tweets etc etc (more…)