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Loren Smith Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”

  By BridgetEE

Christmas music is the one genre that will always cross-over because the no matter what Scrooge may want Christmas is about the gift of giving, not only in the material but in the spiritual, and the same premise holds true for Christmas music.

I sooo love my background singers, my diamonds in the rough, the stars over the manger to my musical heart, so when my electronic Santa brought me the gift of Loren Smith…All I can say is the joy I felt…PRICELESS (more…)

Jack’N For Beats Gets A West Coast Customs Transformation (VIDEO)

image004You may have seen the Jack’N for Beats studio rolling through your city over the summer in one of the 11 cities along the tour, or this fall in the DMV area. OnSunday, December 20th, you’ll have an opportunity to see the mobile studio overhaul on the next episode of Fox Sports 2’s West Coast Customs TV show at 10 pm EST.







Silk Is Back Smooth As Ever, And Would Love 4 U 2 Like Me

By BridgetEEThere is an insurgence of going back to where things started.  For some reason there seems to be an unspoken belief  that there is no room for R&B.  Can a culture not handle two genres?  Rock and country music coexist, so why can’t R&B and Hip Hop?   Does everything have to cross over and have you even tried to make it cross?   I don’t know when the narrow mindedness started but the time for open-mindedness is now.


Eryn Allen Kane: When A Music Bed Sneaks Into The Forefront

 By BridgetEE

While watching a Being Mary Jane marathon a sound made me sit up and start this conversation with the love in my life, Makaveli (my Macbook LOL, yes all my computers have names and personalities).

I’m always harping on what constitutes great music and what makes a great song. If given the opportunity you wouldn’t need to read me but just listen. If given the opportunity seeing a video wouldn’t be necessary, for only your ears are what’s needed. No social media blast or reality TV hoax would be needed to coax, but only your souls to feel and ears to hear. Great songs captures you and makes you find out who it is, not the other way around. The song should compel you to the artist. Although this song was used as a music bed it managed to sneak into the forefront. (more…)

Lindsey Webster: What You See Isn’t What You Get…But You Change


By BridgetEE

Before there was a Coachella Music Festival or Afro Punk Fest., there was Woodstock. A music festival held on an unattractive piece of land with no modern technology or bottled water. If you weren’t on the stage you couldn’t see because there weren’t any fancy monitors, but you could hear. The people in attendance were referred to as hippies, but as I think about it, were they hippies or just a mass number of people who loved the sound of great music? (Listening to music doesn’t require you to dress/look a certain way.)  People who didn’t care what the music looked like, only about how the music made them feel. Music was so much better back then, when album covers weren’t a photo album but a visual piece of art to match the audio art. Long before social media and bloggers, when the feel of the music out weighed the personal business of the artist. What would the music world be like if we went back there, when music was heard and not seen? (more…)

Kym Sellers: The Passing Of The Quiet Storm


kasBy BridgetEE

The definition of a Storm is a “violent disturbance in the atmosphere”. No force but God can control or dissipate such an anomaly. An act of the Heavens, created by the Heavens. Although storms are looked at and measured by their destruction, if you sit back and think about it there is beauty in a storm especially a Quiet Storm. (more…)

Wale And Stokley Are In Full BLOOM


Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 7.41.30 PMBy BridgetEE

Here is the thing that is missing between a real artist and a flash in the pan entertainer.   The flash in the pan lacks versatility in their artistry.   What I mean by this is, if they are a rapper they strictly rap to a beat, track, what have you.  If they are an R&B singer they just sing what someone has written for them,  if you go to see them in concert they typically don’t stray from their recorded version.  Improvision is a NO-NO to them.  If only singing, rapping, being attractive and the ability to move were the only requirement of the craft we would have more longevity out entertainers instead a ton of 1 hit album wonders.

Real artist on the other hand work hard on their craft opposed to their acceptance.  Their love and passion dictates their product, the feel of their art is what attracts and speaks to you.  They are the master of runs, and their concerts never sound like the recording.  You the connoisseur learn to yearn their timeless originality opposed to their mass-produced lyrical canvas.

Now here is the perfect example of  real artist. (more…)